Featured 24 hour Transcription Services

24 hours transcription services

If your answer to any of these 3 questions is yes, then…

Featured Quick Transcription Services

Overnight Transcript Delivery
  • Are you looking for a quick transcription service that will transcribe your audios overnight while you sleep?
  • Are you tired of missing your deadlines, unreliable and dishonest online transcription services?
  • Do you want to achieve your project goals and make your colleagues, friends, family, and yourself more proud than you have ever dreamed possible?

If your answer to any of these 3 questions is yes, then…

Best Headphones for Transcription

Best Heaadphones for Transcription

A few months ago, my trusted set of transcription headphones disintegrated.  After 5 years of service, the plastic headband that held them together broke. I tried to get another pair, but the manufacturer had discontinued the model. So I set out to find another pair of headphones.

Best Headphones for Transcription

Best Headphones for Transcription

After trying out several models from different manufactures, I’ve finally found a winner that is perfect for transcription. Senal SMH-1000 are the best headphones for transcription that I’ve used. Period.

Rush Transcription Services

Rush Transcriptin Services
  • Are you looking for a rush transcription service that will transcribe your audios quickly?
  • Are you tired of missing your deadlines, unreliable and dishonest online transcription services?
  • Do you want to achieve your project goals and make your colleagues, friends, family, and yourself more proud than you have ever dreamed possible?

If your answer to any of these 3 questions is yes, then…

WeTransfer vs Dropbox

A while back I wrote a guide on using Dropbox to share files. There are other ways to store and share files over the net. Torrent files are rarely used but are a great way to share files, especially very large ones. WeTransfer is another great way to share files. There are other online services that I use to share and store files. Today I’d like to review two of them, WeTransfer vs Dropbox and offer suggestions on when you should use them. These sites offer free and paid services, for now I’ll restrict my review to the free services they provide.

Update: WeTransfer now have a pro account at $10/month and you can store the files in the cloud forever. It’s very similar to dropbox, without the dropbox sync (which by the way is a great tool to have). I’d recommend the Dropbox pro account over WeTransfer – you can do more with 1TB dropbox account.

3 Easy Steps to Getting Your audio Transcribed Quickly

Overnight Transcription Services

How quickly your transcriber can transcribe your audio recording determines how soon they can get the transcript to you and ultimately the cost of the transcription. If takes longer to transcribe your interviews, webinars, podcast et al, your transcriber will bill you more. While not all transcriber are the same, some transcribe faster than others, (and all things being equal) there are 3 factors that affect audio/video transcription turnaround.

Dropbox Review

This dropbox review takes a closer look at the services that dropbox cloud storage service has to offer and suggests 3 must use tips on how to efficiently use dropbox. I’ve already blogged on how you can share multiple files easily using dropbox. I’ve already compared dropbox and the newest kid in block, in cloud sharing, wetransfer. I’ve yet to review drop box. It’s about time I did.

Caveat: I don’t work for dropbox and I’m not getting paid to write this review. I’ve used the service extensively, over the last two years, to share files with my transcription clients. However, I’ve only used their free service and never found the need to upgrade to a paid service (quite pricey @ $10 a month!).

Add Adsense to Your WordPress Post using Shortcodes

Update 12/2015: I’m no longer updating this post so I can’t guarantee compatibility with latest version of WordPress. Test on your Localhost first before implimenting it on your live site!

[adsensetl][kuadika]I enjoy coding. That’s why I love WordPress, and learning something new everyday is an added bonus. Recently, I’ve been working on a project to implement interactive transcripts to videos. This is a feature that our clients would appreciate. Anyway, there was an hurdle in implementing interactive transcripts into a WordPress blog and I turned to the WordPress Shortcode API to find a solution.

What I realized was that the WordPress Shortcode API is very easy to learn and work with. And although it didn’t provide a simple solution to the problem I had with the interactive transcripts project, I did realize how powerful it is. Immediately I could tell that the Shortcode API was going to make blogging much easier.

Sheldon, Amy, Marriage and a Gravy Boat

Finally, I’ve been meaning to add an interactive transcript to my video blog for quite a while now. Interactive transcript is a really cool feature that allows you to go to any section of a video or audio by clicking on text. In essence, it allows you to interact with the video. You can move to any section in the video by simply clicking the transcript. Try it out and let me know what you think.
In The Big Bang Theory Season 06 Episode 2-The Decoupling Fluctuation, Penny and Amy are helping Bernadette catalog her wedding presents (the inappropriate gravy boat), and the subject of marriage comes up. We find out that Amy plans on marrying Sheldon in four years!

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The following transcript is clickable. Click away!

Bernadette:   And the next wedding gift is…a gravy boat.
Penny:          Ooh, one gravy boat.
Amy:             That’s from Sheldon. He told me he had it engraved.
Bernadette:  “In the event of a divorce, please return to Sheldon Cooper.”
Penny:          One “inappropriate, yet I wish I thought of that” gravy boat.
Amy:             When I get married I’m going to register at the UCLA Cadaver Lab.
Penny:          Ew. why?
Amy:            ‘Cause I’ve always wanted a whole human skeleton and they are really spendy.
Bernadette:   So, you actually see you and Sheldon getting married someday?
Amy:             Not just someday. In exactly four years. But don’t tell Sheldon. He’s still a flight risk.

Copy all File Names in Folder to Excel

Filenames to Excel

Do you work with a lot of files? I do. And it’s hard and tedious to keep everything organized. At weloty, we’re currently we’re transcribing over 200 research interviews files for a client and an easy way to keep tabs on each file  is to copy all the file names into an Excel sheet and use that to keep tabs of the files as they go through our workflow.

With over 200 files, it’s very tedious to copy and paste each filename into an Excel sheet. Fortunately there is an easy way to copy all file names in a folder using MS DOS. Why would you want to use MS DOS? If you’re as old as I am: nostalgia.  It takes me back