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We all love The Big Bang Theory, right? In a recent episode Sheldon embraced chaos, decided to wear his Tuesday pajamas on Thursday night and took up playing bongos in the middle of the night. And reminded us that the verb to be, is the only exception to the English grammar rule  that the subjunctive is always the same as the bare infinitive.

Using our subtitling services we have added subtitles to this video clip so that you wouldn’t miss any of the laughs, enjoy.

Transcript: The Big Bang Theory ~ Sheldon Playing The Bongos ~ The Werewolf Transformation

Leonard Hofstadter: L.H.:

Sheldon Cooper: S.C.:

Penny: P.:

[bongo beats]

L.H.:    Don’t let this be Sheldon playing bongos. Please don’t let this be Sheldon playing bongos.

S.C.:    ♪ Hello Leonard, do you like my bongos? Bet you didn’t know that I had bongos? ♪

L.H.:    Sheldon it’s 3 o’clock in the morning.

S.C.:    ♪ 3:00 in the morning is a good time for bongos. ♪

L.H.:    I was sleeping.

S.C.:    ♪ Leonard sleeps while I play bongos. ♪

L.H.:    No he doesn’t.

S.C.:    ♪ Leonard no sleep, while I pay bongos, bongo solo. ♪

L.H.:    Stop, stop it.

S.C.:    [plays bongo]

P.:        What the hell?

L.H.:    Oh hi Penny. Guess what, Sheldon got bongos.

P.:        Why did you get bongos?

S.C.:    Richard Feynman played the bongos, I thought I give that a try.

L.H.:    Richard Feynman was a famous physicist.

P.:        Leonard it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. I don’t care if Richard Feynman was a purple leprechaun who lived in my butt.

S.C.:    ♪ Penny meant if he were a purple leprechaun. Penny forgot to use the subjunctive. ♪

L.H.:    Sheldon go to bed, you have work in the morning.

S.C.:    ♪ Maybe, maybe not. Maybe tomorrow I start a bongo band and tour the world. ♪

L.H.:    No hang on roommate agreement. No hootenanny, sing-alongs or barbershop quartets after 10 PM.

S.C.:    Roommate agreement, are you kidding? We are living in a world of chaos. Roommate agreement.

P.:        Where are you going?

S.C.:    Wherever the music takes me kitten. ♪ I play bongo walking down the stairs. ♪  [thud] Oh. ♪ Never play bongo      walking down the stairs. ♪

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