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Finally Leonard Nimoy, (Star Trek: Spock) makes his guest star debut on Big Bang Theory. He convinces Sheldon that it’s illogical to own a toy that he doesn’t play with: hilarious consequences. Here the video clip and the transcript is attached.

The following transcript is clickable. Click away!

 Spock:    Dr. Cooper? 
 Sheldon:  Is someone there? 
 Spock:    Down here. On your desk.  
 Sheldon:  Spock?  
 Spock:    I need to speak with you.  
 Sheldon:  Fascinating. 
           The only logical explanation is that this is a dream.  
 Spock:    It is not the only logical explanation.  
           For example. you could be hallucinating  
           after being hit on the head by. say. a coconut.  
 Sheldon:  Was I hit on the head by a coconut?  
 Spock:    I am not going to dignify that with a response.  
           Now to the matter at hand. You need to play with the transporter toy.  
 Sheldon:  But it's mint-in-box.
 Spock:    Yes.  
 Sheldon:  And to open it would destroy its value.  
 Spock:    But remember. like me. you also have a human half.  
 Sheldon:  Well. I'm not going to dignify that with a response.  
 Spock:    Consider this. What is the purpose of a toy? 
 Sheldon:  To be played with. 
 Spock:    Therefore. to not play with it would be...? 
 Sheldon:  Illogical. Damn it. Spock. you're right. 
           I'll do it. 
 Spock:    Sheldon. wait. 
           You have to wake up first. 
 Sheldon:  Oh. of course. Set phasers to dumb. right? 
           Goodie. goodie. goodie!  

NB:     Spock was voiced by Leonard Nimoy.

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